Interested in becoming a member of a selection committee?

NWO is continually in need of enthusiastic researchers who want to join selection committees. These committees are essential for a proper and meticulous assessment of applications. Researchers have a lot to gain from membership of a selection committee: a peek behind the scenes at NWO, knowledge about how to write a good application and excellent networking opportunities.

Researchers who are available to participate in selection committees can indicate so at the bottom of this page.

What does a committee do?

Selection committees play a central role in the assessment procedure for funding applications, both in Open Competitions and the Talent Scheme, and in thematic research programmes developed by NWO in conjunction with researchers and other parties. With the help of external expert advice and possibly an interview with the applicant, the committees assess the quality of the research applications and establish prioritisation. Which applicants are awarded funding is decided on this basis.

Why is it interesting for researchers to participate in selection committees?

Being a member of a selection committee does of course involve a lot of work, but it is also very rewarding. The researchers who become involved in a committee jointly ensure that research funding is distributed among applicants on the basis of a meticulous assessment of the scientific value of the proposals.

Furthermore, participation in selection committees enables researchers to take a peek behind the scenes at NWO: it is an excellent way of learning more about the methodology and procedures used at NWO. This could help them to be better prepared when writing their own applications in the future. The committee work offers beneficial networking opportunities and participants learn a lot from seeing other people’s funding applications: what are the latest developments in the social sciences and humanities? And: how do fellow researchers structure their applications; how do they present their information; what is persuasive?

Who is eligible?

Senior researchers are eligible to join committees; these are post-doctoral researchers with at least several years’ additional experience (professors, senior lecturers). A broad view of research in the social sciences and/or humanities is essential. A focus of attention when forming selection committees is that the members are representative of various disciplines, universities and degrees of seniority.

Further information

If you are interested and motivated to take part in a selection committee during a funding round, you may indicate your availability on the form (in Dutch) below on this page. Please contact Mariel Schweizer (, +31 (0)70 344 09 39 ) for further information.