Social Sciences and Humanities
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Social Sciences and Humanities

The NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) encourages excellent research in the research areas of the social sciences and the humanities. Various funding instruments are available to this end. The results from this research benefit science, as well as societal organisations, the cultural sector and industry.

Board and organisation

SSH has a Domain Board that is responsible for developing the policy. The Domain Board takes decisions about the awarding of funds. Members are pre-eminent professors in the domain of the social sciences or humanities at Dutch universities or research institutes. The chair is a member of the NWO-wide Executive Board. This Board is a collegial board. The members jointly represent the entire scope of science.

The members of the NWO SSH Domain Board are:

  • Prof. Anita Hardon, chair, also member NWO Executive Board.
    Due to her sabbatical at Stanford University, Prof. Hans de Bruijn (TU Delft) will be the acting chair and observer in the NWO Executive Board from 1 January to 1 June 2020.
  • Prof. Sjef Barbiers (Leiden University)
  • Prof. Marcus Düwell (Utrecht University)
  • Prof. Pearl Dykstra (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • Prof. Paula Fikkert (Radboud University), until 1 February 2020
  • Prof. Harry Garretsen (University of Groningen)
  • Prof. Odile Heynders (Tilburg University)
  • Prof. Chantal Kemner (Utrecht Unversity)
  • Dr Jasmin Lange (Brill Academic Publishers, societal board member)
  • Prof. Mathieu Segers (Maastricht University)

The office of the SSH Domain realises the established policy and prepares new policy to support the Domain Board. It deals with funding applications, manages programmes and projects, and supports NWO steering groups and committees in the realisation of their tasks. The director of the SSH office is Dr Dirk-Jan den Boer.

The NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities has been operational since 1 January 2017.