SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research

SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research is the national centre of expertise for space research. SRON's aim is to increase and communicate knowledge about astrophysics, the Earth, planets and exoplanets by carrying out groundbreaking research.

Besides research into astrophysics, earth science, planets and exoplanets, SRON develops new technologies for satellite instruments, such as sensitive sensors for X-rays and infrared radiation. SRON’s technology is also used in society in healthcare and for monitoring food quality.

Space instruments

SRON’s developments include spectrometers that are highly sensitive to particular wavelengths, and readout and control electronics for international space missions. SRON's space instruments allow us to look deeper and deeper into the universe. This yields knowledge about the evolution of the universe, star systems, stars, planets and black holes. Processes in the Earth’s atmosphere are also observed from space, such as air pollution and climate change.


One of the precursors of SRON was set up in 1961: the Laboratory for Space Research (LRO) in Utrecht. The present SRON was formed in 1983, and has used its current name since 2005: SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research.



Utrecht laboratory
Sorbonnelaan 2
3584 CA Utrecht
The Netherlands

T: +31 88 777 5600

Groningen laboratory
Visiting address
Kapteynborg - Entrance J1
Landleven 12
9747 AD Groningen
The Netherlands

Postal address
PO Box 800
9700 AV Groningen
The Netherlands

T: +31 50 363 4074

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