Knowledge utilisation and public-private partnership (PPP)

NWO believes it is important that scientific knowledge and skills are disseminated and applied outside of the academic world and/or in other scientific disciplines, i.e. that knowledge utilisation takes place. Knowledge utilisation therefore plays a role in all of NWO's funding instruments. NWO wants to help researchers in the fields of the social sciences realise knowledge utilisation.

The importance of knowledge utilisation for social and behavioural scientists

The social and behavioural sciences can contribute to solutions for societal and scientific issues concerning mobility, sustainability, urbanisation, administration and management, human capital and education, for example. It is therefore hardly surprising that knowledge and skills from the social and behavioural sciences are increasingly in demand within politics, education, companies, policy and administration and within other scientific disciplines as well. If this trend is to be further strengthened then social and behavioural scientists need to disseminate their knowledge and make a contribution to its application.

Public-Private Partnership

Scientists increasingly carry out their research in so-called public-private partnerships: public or private partners are involved from the start of the research project, actively participate in it, and provide a limited contribution in cash or in kind. Public-private partnership can be viewed as a form of knowledge utilisation that is increasingly important for science, especially within the context of the government's current top sectors policy (

NWO wants to encourage and support the interaction between science and society and between scientific disciplines. It is therefore developing resources for researchers to inspire them and help them to give shape to knowledge utilisation and to set up public-private partnerships within a research project.

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