Knowledge utilisation and PPP

NWO believes that scientific knowledge and skills should be available and used outside of academia and/or in other scientific disciplines, in other words that knowledge utilisation should take place. In principle, knowledge utilisation plays a role in all of NWO's funding instruments. NWO Humanities would like to help researchers in realising this.

The importance of knowledge utilisation for humanities researchers

The humanities can contribute to solutions for societal and scientific challenges like integration, the ageing population, healthcare, and security because human beings and reflection on human actions lie at the heart of humanities research. In that respect it is hardly surprising that knowledge and skills from the humanities are increasingly being used within politics, industry, education, cultural and public institutions, and in other scientific disciplines.

To strengthen this development it is important that humanities researchers participate in and help to shape the debate about societal, cultural and scientific developments. Furthermore, researchers should actively engage in discussions with parties that use humanities research.

NWO Humanities wants to encourage and support the exchange between academia and society and between scientific disciplines. Therefore a manual and several best practices are available that can inspire researchers and help them to fully realise knowledge utilisation within a research project:

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Public-private partnerships (PPP)

Scholars increasingly realise their research projects within so-called public-private partnerships: public or private partners are involved in a research project from the start, actively participate in the project and provide a (limited) contribution in cash or in kind. You can view public-private partnership as a form of knowledge utilisation which, certainly within the current top sectors policy of the Dutch government, is increasingly important for science.

A manual and several best practices are available to help humanities researchers with setting up public-private partnerships:

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Policy ambition

Knowledge utilisation is one of the ambitions of NWO Humanities' policy. The division's approach to realising the knowledge utilisation policy is related to the Impact Assessment carried out by Research voor Beleid on behalf of the NWO Humanities Board. In this study from 2009 an appropriate method was developed to determine the impact of humanities research.

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