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NWO Humanities funds and facilitates research across the humanities.

The humanities cover the following research areas: history, languages, literature, cultural studies, religious studies, media studies and philosophy.

Results from projects funded by NWO Humanities benefit research, public and civil society organisations and industry.

Strategy NWO Humanities

NWO Humanities realises the NWO-wide strategy memorandum, 2011-2014 Growing through Knowledge. Based on this strategy memorandum the NWO Humanities Board has compiled a strategic plan with the following action points:

Since 2012, the thematic programmes of NWO Humanities have been linked to the Dutch government's top sector policy. NWO Humanities participates in the top sectors Chemistry, Creative Industry, Water, High Tech, Life Sciences & Health, Energy, Agri & Food, Horticulture & Propagation Materials.


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