Knowledge Utilisation in the Physical Sciences

It is important to that scientific knowledge and skills are also applied outside of academia and/or in other disciplines of science. In short: knowledge that is gained should also be utilised. For that reason, knowledge utilisation plays a role as a selection criterion in all of NWO's funding instruments. Physical Sciences is eager to help researchers form the contours of knowledge utilisation in their research proposals.

The importance of knowledge utilisation

Specifically, knowledge utilisation is about making research results and scientific knowledge accessible to researchers in other areas of science, to society at large, to parties in industry or for educational purposes. To promote knowledge utilisation, Physical Sciences endeavours to make researchers aware of the potential ways in which scientific knowledge and research results can be used.

As an applicant for funding, you will need to explain the relevance of your proposal for others by filling in a section about knowledge utilisation: Who outside of your own field of science, or outside of academics in general, stand to benefit from your research? How do you plan to involve interested parties in your research and how can the utilisation of knowledge be achieved?

Physical Sciences wants to encourage and support  interaction between science and society as well as exchanges between different scientific disciplines. For that reason, the following resources have been developed that can be of inspiration to researchers and help them ensure effective knowledge utilisation within their research projects.




More information

As from 2013, all NWO funding instruments require applicants to address the aspect of knowledge utilisation within their project proposals. If you would like to know more about knowledge utilisation in connection with one of the funding instruments of NWO Physical Sciences, please send a message to the contact person mentioned in the call for proposals for which you intend to submit a research proposal.