Public-private partnership

NWO makes a relevant contribution to the Dutch knowledge economy and to helping solve scientific problems faced by companies as well to tackling societal issues such as energy and health. The effectiveness of this approach can be seen in the huge success of the Industrial Partnership Programmes, for example. In these programmes challenging problems from the private sector are linked to creative scientific solutions, in which the company and NWO jointly fund the research.

NWO is exploiting the emerging idea of 'open innovation' to foster greater cooperation with companies. The NWO Domain Science has an extensive network of experts in a wide range of physics subjects. Those experts already collaborate with companies or would like to do so. Likewise NWO maintains close contacts with companies who involve NWO in their research for a longer period of time.

Various types of collaboration have already been developed. Examples are:

  • workshops in which academics think with researchers from industry about complex scientific or technological problems faced by companies;
  • contract research;
  • a FOM research group working in an industrial laboratory;
  • joint research, for example in the form of a NWO Physics Industrial Partnership Programme (IPP), of which sixteen are active.

Acknowledgement and use of NWO logo

Acknowledgement and use of NWO logo: funding before 1 January 2017

The information below applies to researchers who received funding by FOM, in a FOM Industrial Partnership programme that has been approved/awarded before 1 January 2017. If your FOM research results in a publication (articles, reports, theses, conference contributions etc.), then we kindly request you to include the Dutch or English acknowledgement given below:
* Dit werk maakt deel uit van een Industrial Partnership Programme van de Stichting voor Fundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie (FOM), die deel uitmaakt van de Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO).
* This work is part of an Industrial Partnership Programme of the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM), which is part of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).
Please add the NWO logo with your acknowledgement.

Acknowledgement and use of NWO logo: funding from 1 January 2017

From 1 January 2017 physics projects receive their funding - including the NWO Physics Industrial Partnership Programmes (IPP) - from the NWO Domain Science. Please add the NWO logo with your acknowledgement.

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