NWO Physics/f grants

The budget for Physics/f subsidies for 2019 has been exhausted. It is no longer possible to submit an application. Applications can be resubmitted in 2020, but then in a new women's stimulation programme for science and technology. Details about this new programme will follow in the fall of 2019. This new women's stimulation programme will replace the current Physics/f programme that has come to an end as a result. (Update: 24 June 2019)

NWO initiated the NWO Physics/f incentives programme to keep more female scientists in the Dutch physics community.
The NWO Physics/f programme has two funding instruments for female physicist:

  • Individual positions for postdocs 
  • Bridging grants

Individual positions for postdocs

The individual positions for postdocs are intended for women who wish to develop a long-term career in Dutch physics. The advantage of the grant is that it gives women a position for a maximum of five years at a crucial and vulnerable point in their career, thereby enabling them to develop a solid position for the future.

NWO funds a postdoc position for a maximum of three years spread over a period of at most five years. The condition is that the woman has organised a period of one to two years at a foreign institute in conjunction with this (not paid for by NWO). The candidate is free to plan the period abroad either before, during or after the period funded by NWO.

The grant can be applied for by women who have just gained their doctorates or by women who already have a postdoctoral position abroad or who have almost completed this. In the first case, the research proposal must describe both the NWO-financed position (maximum three years) as well as the position at a foreign institute (maximum two years). In the second case, the research proposal must describe the postdoc position financed by NWO (maximum three years) which preferably has a clear link with the research carried out abroad.

The budget for the individual postdoc position is a personal budget for a maximum of three years. A small contribution to the personal material budget is possible if good arguments are provided for this.
If a personal grant is awarded from NWO's Innovational Research Incentives Scheme or from the European Commission then the remainder of this NWO Phyics/f grant or the remainder of it will not be awarded.

The application must contain at least the following documents: letter from the researcher to the Director of NWO Domain Science research plan with planning and the necessary budget, CV and a confirmation of the appointment at the foreign institute.

Please contact Arlette Werner if you want to apply for a grant.

Bridging grants

Bridging grants are intended to support faculties and research institutes during the appointment of a woman to a tenured position. NWO contributes for a maximum of five years.

The application must be submitted by and at the request of the dean or institute director. The dean must guarantee that the university can assume payment of the salary costs of the woman concerned within five years.

Examples of a bridging grant are a contribution to a tenured appointment as an assistant or associate professor (possibly after being employed at a foreign university) or a financing of the difference in salary between an associate professor and a professor.

The application must contain at least the following documents: letter from the dean/institute director to the Director of NWO Domain Science, research plan with planning and CV.

Please contact Arlette Werner if you want to apply for a grant.

Returning to research?

If you want to return to physics research after a long absence then please contact Arlette Werner.

No deadline

As Physics/f grants are often ad hoc solutions there is no deadline for the submission of applications. This means that applications can be examined on a case-by-case basis.

Other information

The Minerva Prize and the former FOm/f Symposium (is now Insight Out) are activities within the NWO Physics/f programme that increase the visibility of female physicists. Click on the links for more information.

NWO Physics/f advisory committee

The NWO Physics/f advisory committee gives the Board of Domain Science solicited and unsolicited advice about women in physics. NWO Physics/f advisory committee members are Prof.dr. Petra Rudolf (chair, RUG), Prof.dr. Vinod Subramaniam (VU), Prof.dr. Jennifer Herek (University of Twente), Prof.dr. Marco de Baar (DIFFER/Eindhoven University of Technology) and Prof.dr. Silvia Völker (Leiden University).


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