NWO has various funding instruments for physics research. Each instrument has specific objectives and its own application, assessment and selection procedure.

New Open Competition across NWO Domain Science

With effect from 1 August 2018 researchers can submit proposals for curiosity driven, non- programmed fundamental research in two new funding instruments for the Open Competition of the NWO Domain Science: a single instrument for small-scale projects and investments and a single instrument for large-scale projects. This new open competition replaces the Physics Projectruimte and Physics Vrije Programma's.

For questions and comments about the 'old' funding instruments, please contact:

ENW PPS-fund

The ENW PPS Fund offers opportunities for bottom-up public-private partnerships between (larger) companies, SMEs, knowledge institutions, including universities of applied sciences (HBO), and with consortia of companies and knowledge institutions within the Top Sector Chemistry (incl. BBE), Energy, High-Tech Systems & Materials and ICT.

NWO Natuurkunde/v Stimuleringsprogramma

NWO initiated the NWO Physics/f incentives programme to keep more female scientists in the Dutch physics community.

The NWO Physics/f programme has two funding instruments for female physicist:

  • Individual positions for postdocs 
  • Bridging grants

NWO wide funding instruments

In addition to these funding instruments, there are also funding instruments that are NWO wide available, such as Rubicon, the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme and Gravitation. An overview of all NWO funding instruments available for researchers within NWO Domain Science is given here.