NWO division


NWO encourages excellent research in the NWO Domain Science (ENW). Various funding instruments are available to achieve this.

The NWO domain Science (ENW) comprises seven disciplines: Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Physics.


The Board of the NWO Domain Science wants to give ideas from the scientific field, which have the potential to grow into new communities around a theme, a chance to flourish. These ideas can concern fundamental research, public-private partnerships, or major societal issues. The spectrum of funding instruments in the NWO Open Competition ENW, in particular, makes this growth possible.

Domain Science advisory structure

The NWO Domain Science Board has appointed seven disciplinary advisory committees to facilitate an effective collaboration between the board, the office and 'the field'. The disciplinary advisory committees have been given the name 'round tables' and are made up of researchers. With the establishment of the round tables the research field has been organised in such a way that it can advise the board within the new NWO.