CECAM, the European Centre for Computational Science

CECAM is a European network aimed at fostering research of advanced computational methods and their applications at the forefront of science and technology.

Originally CECAM focused on atomistic and molecular simulations applied to physics, chemistry and condensed matter. Currently  it also supports other domains, e.g. computational biology, network modelling, attosecond timescales, active colloids, density functional renormalization group, multiscale modelling.

CECAM facilitates collaboration. It connects research institutes (nodes) in twelve countries with the central organisation at the EPFL, Lausanne. The Dutch node is hosted by the Lorentz Center and the  Amsterdam Centre  for Multiscale Modelling (ACCM).CECAM aims to be the European focal point in its domain by supporting the development of and lobby for European programs. Researchers from all European countries can participate;  involvement of industry is also facilitated.

CECAM organizes workshops and tutorials, in Lausanne but also at the nodes. Applications can be submitted annually. Applications are judged primarily on quality. A roadmap is available with suggestions for relevant topics, in materials science, life sciences and classical/quantum simulation. Meetings can also be focused on stimulating the quality of software development. Upon granting the applicants receive a budget and administrative support. For the purpose of the activities see also what makes a good application and what makes a good workshop.

The deadline for new proposals is 25 June 2015.

The meetings are expected to provide guidance in their domain for the next two/three years . On the CECAM website you find a list of workshops and tutorials. You are kindly invited to apply for participation.