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Chemical Sciences

NWO Chemical Sciences encourages innovative, fundamental, strategic and applied research. This is realised, for example, through the funding of research projects and programmes and the organisation of scientific meetings.

Chemistry is an integral part of our world. It connects physics, technology and the life sciences. Innovation occurs at the interface of disciplines or where fundamental and applied research cross paths. Chemistry at NWO is cross-disciplinary. It brings together science and society, in the Netherlands and internationally.

Chemistry research focuses on three recognisable areas:

  • Chemistry in relation to the biological and medical sciences 
  • Chemistry in relation to physics and materials 
  • Chemistry in relation to technology and sustainability

Research into nanotechnology and complex molecular systems links these three focus areas.

Results from the research funded by NWO Chemical Sciences benefit science, public and civil society organisations and industry.


Strategy NWO Chemical Sciences

NWO Chemical Sciences realises the NWO-wide strategy memorandum 2011-2014 Growing through Knowledge. The NWO Chemical Sciences Board compiled the Koers voor de Chemie policy document (pdf, in Dutch) on the basis of this memorandum.

NWO Chemical Sciences' strategy ties in with the ambitions of NWO:

  1. Investing in talent and curiosity-driven research
    Curiosity driven research deserves opportunities. NWO Chemical Sciences creates such opportunities with the TOP and ECHO grants and the Talent Scheme for scientific talent. Top researchers receive support and talent is recognised; the budget is increased and the procedures are simplified. 
  2. Collaboration in themes
    Much innovative research emerges from a consolidation of strengths. Chemistry investigates and makes. It is indispensible in the multidisciplinary NWO research programmes Systems Biology, Nanoscience, Astrochemistry, Science for Arts and Forensic Science
  3. Facilitating knowledge utilisation
    The ambitions of the Top Sector Chemistry in the areas of smart materials and green chemistry shape the choices for research themes and public-private partnerships. In 2012 the New Chemical Innovations Fund was opened in which companies from SMEs to multinationals can submit proposals. NWO Chemical Sciences facilitates fifteen study groups, which organise scientific meetings each year. 
  4. International collaboration
    NWO Chemical sciences explores bilateral collaboration possibilities with sister organisations in Europe and in emerging science nations, such as China. It participates in the International Collaboration in Chemistry programme of the American National Science Foundation, in Eurochemistry and in relevant ERA-Nets. 
  5. Making high-quality facilities accessible
    Investments in high-value facilities encourage Dutch universities, research institutes and libraries to invest in innovative equipment or data collections of national or international importance.



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