Since 1 January 2017 the earth and life sciences reside under the NWO domain Science. The domain board members are researchers who occupy a senior position at a Dutch university or research institute as well as representatives from industry.

The Board is responsible for developing and implementing the operational and financial policy for its field of research and has its own budget for this. The ALW office staff implement the policy. The director of the Science office is Dr Arian Steenbruggen.

The members of the Science Domain Board are:

  1. Prof. L.J. (Ineke) Braakman (Utrecht University), president, also member of the Executive Board
  2. Prof. J. (Jan) de Boer (University of Amsterdam)
  3. Prof. T.K. (Titia) Sixma (Netherlands Cancer Institute)
  4. Prof. A. (Arjen) Doelman (Leiden University)
  5. Prof. B.J. (Bas) Zwaan (Wageningen University & Research)
  6. Dr P.E. (Peter) Wierenga (former Philips Research).

From 1998 to 2016 the earth and life sciences resided under the Divisional Board of NWO Earth and Life Sciences.