Productive teamwork within Dutch science

Responsibility for the national science and innovation policy lies with the Ministries of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) and Economic Affairs (EZ). In addition, various parties play an important role:

  • The universities are the largest science organisations and provide the basic conditions for scientific research in the Netherlands and for the link between research and higher education, made possible by basic funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
  • NWO is the national research council, with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science as its main client. NWO's mission is to strengthen and encourage quality and innovation in scientific research at Dutch universities and at national research institutes and to further the impact of science on society and the economy.
  • As an independent society of scientists, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences is the 'conscience' of science in the Netherlands. It is the government's independent advisor and manages several national research institutes.
  • Along with universities and colleges, the large national institutes for applied research (TO2 institutes) form an important link between fundamental science, application-oriented and applied research, and innovation.
  • Government ministries, the business community and civil society organisations are co-funders of and partners in research: they identify the need for new knowledge and are the driving force behind its application.