Experiment NL

Articles about fascinating and important Dutch scientific research

Experiment NL, an annual publication from NWO in collaboration with Dutch popular science magazine Quest, is a collection of stories about fascinating, exciting and pioneering Dutch scientific research.

Experiment NL. Science in the Netherlands (2017)

The cooperation between NWO, the largest independent science funding body in the Netherlands, and Quest, the popular science magazine, shows that serious science and great stories make a fantastic combination. NWO selects, funds and encourages the best research, Quest brings that research to a wider public in a unique manner. Experiment NL combines the ambitions of NWO and Quest: together they show a broad public the superb work that Dutch scientists do.

This year Experiment NL will once again be published as a magazine. It will contain more than 100 pages, richly illustrated, with long and short articles about scientific research in a wide range of disciplines.

In November, Quest sends Experiment NL to all Quest subscribers; NWO sends it to all Hypothese subscribers.

Further information

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