Drie PPP variants

Public-private collaboration (PPP) with NWO has three variants. These variants have been developed for the top sectors but may also be more broadly applicable.

Hi-tech production lineHi-tech production line

Initiatives are developed in cooperation with private and public partners. NWO monitors the scientific quality and works together with experts from the business community and from society in order to assess innovation opportunities and the potential impact of proposals. The role and the degree of control differ for each variant. 

Variant 1: Science takes initiative

Scientists take the initiative for a joint research proposal with opportunities for companies/organisations.
Targeted demand management: scientists submit research proposals with the support of partners in broad calls/tenders (all top sectors).Public or private research partners:

  • monitor the research and participate actively once concrete results are in view
  • provide a limited contribution at the project level: 1-20%, usually in-kind.

Variant 2: Joint initiative

Scientists and partners jointly formulate a knowledge question related to a top sector or to multiple roadmaps.
Demand management: scientists and partners jointly draw up NWO programmes with a thematic focus (top sector or roadmaps).
Public or private research partners:

  • participate actively in the research
  • provide a considerable contribution at the project level: 10-40%, a mix of in-kind and cash.

Variant 3: Business takes initiative

A company or a consortium of companies has a specific knowledge question and initiates research together with scientists.
Demand management: the company or consortium takes the initiative for a programme (related to a roadmap) and invests in the research together with NWO.
Public or private research partners:

  • enter into a long-term collaboration with researchers
  • are strongly involved in the research throughout the duration of the programme
  • are closely involved in formulating the research questions and in monitoring projects
  • provide a considerable contribution of 30-50% or more at the programme level, in principle entirely in cash


At NWO, PPP is mainly related to the top sectors. In which top sector would you like to collaborate with NWO?