NWO offers various opportunities for research collaboration with knowledge-intensive businesses, civic organization or the authorities. It may involve public-private and public-public cooperation.

Mondriaan examined

  • NWO brings researchers and public and private parties together
    NWO identifies common interests and opportunities for breakthroughs and cross-fertilisation. Focused demand-driven research takes place in joint programming between companies and researchers at a project or programme level.
  • NWO finances joint research with public and private parties
    From large-scale public-private partnership programmes to smaller projects in which scientific research is done on subjects relevant for a single company, a consortium or a sector.
  • NWO offers three different forms of partnership
    in which the financial contribution and role of the partners vary. Within each form there is plenty of scope for a customised approach.
  • NWO oversees and links the national and international scientific arenas
    Collaboration with NWO provides access to national and international networks of knowledge and talented and creative scientists.
  • NWO ILO-Net supports the high-tech industry in acquiring Big Science projects
    For international Big Science projects, infrastructure, equipment, instruments et cetera must be developed and constructed. Dutch high-tech companies can tender for these. The Industrial Liaison Officers Network (ILO-Net) can provide financial and personnel support for practical and organisational tasks.


Public-private partnerships with NWO are mainly related to Dutch Top Sectors. Interested parties can conduct a preliminary discussion about working with NWO.


At NWO, PPP is mainly related to the top sectors. In which top sector would you like to collaborate with NWO?