About NWO

Mission and vision

NWO is committed to a strong science system in the Netherlands, in the belief that scientific research contributes to our prosperity and wellbeing.


In the period 2015-2018, NWO maintains the broad outline of its policies and puts a new emphasis on cooperation and communication between science and society.

Key areas

NWO focuses on five key areas of interest: Curiosity-drive research and talent, Thematic research and PPP, International collaboration, Large research facilities and National research institutes.

What does NWO do?

As a national research organisation with an active contribution to various parts of the national science and innovation policies, NWO plays different roles: financing, programming, bringing together, supporting and influencing.


NWO is an independent administrative body with statutory powers and duties. A total of 2,500 people work at NWO and about 1,400 of them are research personnel employed at the NWO Institutes. The Executive Board is responsible for the entire organisation.

Working at NWO

Overview of current vacancies, information about conditions of employment, and interviews with staff.


Information for researchers, press information, house style, NWO publications and the annual report.