Mieke Luiten-Olieman: ‘Without MfC, our research would not have been possible’

Foreign collaboration module principle boosts recycling research

Sometimes, Dutch researchers can’t do without foreign expertise. The Money follows Cooperation principle (MfC) of NWO enables such partnerships.

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Een tafel met daarop aan de linkerkant een kleine wereldbol. Daaronder liggen twee pennen. Op de rechterkant van de tafel liggen vier boeken, met daarop drie pennen.


Onderzoek, a NWO magazine

Solar geoengineering, or solar radiation modification, increasingly seems to be regarded as a realistic option for combatting climate change...

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Tegenlicht gezien vanuit de ruimte

The fortunate city and the holy Saint Martin

Financed by the NWO Talent Programme

With her research using the stories about Saint Martin, Professor Els Rose (Utrecht University) had in mind to build a bridge between our time and the...

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