Limited access to surgery: engineers can make the difference

Billions of people have no access to safe surgery. Professor of medical technology, Jenny Dankelman, is trying to change that by simplifying medical...

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Scientists: analyse corona problems with young people themselves, four in ten young people are in a vulnerable situation

On 30 April, Prime Minister Mark Rutte was presented with the manifesto of the NWO Youth Challenge, which contains advice for policymakers, scientists...

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Premier Rutte ontvangt het NWA-manifest uit handen van onderzoeker Eveline Crone en  betrokken jongere Mohamed Guled (credits: Jerry Lampen)

Brain measurements in stem cell research make individualised psychiatry possible

Project NewTDec (Dutch Research Agenda /NWA)

Autistic spectrum disorders are highly prevalent, but a good treatment for these does not exist. Child psychiatrist Hilgo Bruining (Amsterdam UMC)...

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