Collaboration, connection and innovation

NWO domain Social Sciences and Humanities shares implementation plans of the new NWO strategy

Spinoza Prize and Stevin Prize 2018

Highest awards in Dutch science go to Anna Akhmanova, Marion Koopmans, Carsten de Dreu, Beatrice de Graaf, Marileen Dogterom and John van der Oost

Strategic manifesto Off the beaten track

Board NWO-domain Science outlines course 2019-2022

Our funding instruments

During the course of 2018, NWO will implement a simplified package of funding instruments for all domains. From 1 August 2018 onwards, researchers will be able to submit proposals for the first calls published according to this new model. Via the websites, NWO and ZonMw will announce changes to the current instruments at least six months before these are effected.

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