Spinoza Prize

Spinoza Prize

The NWO Spinoza Prize is the highest Dutch award in science. NWO awards the prize to Dutch researchers who rank among the absolute top of science. NWO awards the NWO Spinoza Prizes each year to researchers working in the Netherlands and who according to international standards belong to the absolute top of science.

On 9 September 2014 the NWO Spinoza Prizes will be presented during a special ceremony at the Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague. The laureates will then receive their prize money and present their research as well as their plans for the coming years.

NWO-Spinoza Prize Laureates 2014

Professor D. (Dirk) Bouwmeester (1967) is Professor of Physics at Leiden University and is also a professor at the University of California in Santa Barbara

Professor C.L. (Corinne) Hofman (1959) is Professor of Caribbean Archaeology at Leiden University

Professor M.C.M. (Mark) van Loosdrecht (1959) is Professor of Environmental Technology at Delft University of Technology

Professor T. (Theunis) Piersma (1958) is Professor of Global Flyway Ecology at the University of Groningen and is Wadden Sea biologist at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ)

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