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Technology Foundation STW

Technology Foundation STW focuses on knowledge transfer between the technical sciences and users of research results. The Foundation funds top scientific and technical research through a range of grants. Researchers and users collaborate in each project.

STW prioritises the development of new technology within the national top sectors. Research projects are always relevant to society’s needs, so issues such as sustainability are high on the agenda. Topics for research differ widely, ranging from a new antibiotic, waste as a raw material, better solar cells, energy-saving smart software, natural coastal management, and sensor systems that help people to live healthier lives.

User participation

Users are vital to all research projects. By providing advice based on their own practical experience, they help to refine research questions. The ultimate aim of these joint efforts is innovation. It is up to the users to take the new information and develop it further.

STW’s funding instruments include:

•    Perspective: for programmes involving consortia of knowledge institutes and companies. An example is the programme From Waste to Resource, in which an ecological model for the production of chemicals and energy from organic waste is developed. The consortium members are Delft University of Technology, Wageningen University and Research Centre, Eindhoven University of Technology and Utrecht University, plus a mix of over twenty large companies, SMEs, engineering firms and advisory bodies.

•    Partnership: for programmes with a single specific partner on the user’s side, usually a company. An example is the partnership with ProRail in the Explorail programme, in which close collaboration takes place to apply innovations from the fields of measurement technology and ICT to the maintenance and modernisation of the rail network.

•    Open Technology Programme: open competition for individual projects.

•    Valorisation Grant: for entrepreneurial university researchers with a commercially interesting idea.

STW’s board is also NWO’s Technical Sciences board.



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